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Glossary: S, T, U; Laptop & Laptop LCD Screen Industry Definitions

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ScreenTek is proud to provide you this glossary of common terms in the laptop LCD screen industry, and in the laptop notebook industry. Feel free to become more familiar with the terms we use throughout our site. If you notice any glaring omissions, we'd be glad to hear about those. Drop us a line at sales@screentekinc.com.

S, T, U Terms » 28 definitions

Scan rate

The number of times per second an image capture or display device samples its field of vision

(more Image terms)

Specular reflection

A well defined beam resulting from reflection off of a smooth surface. In the image at right, the green lines represent the image and the light blue lines represent the reflected image.

(more Optics terms)

Stereo Monitor

are loudspeakers specifically designed for audio production applications such as recording, film, television and radio studios where accurate audio reproduction is crucial.

(more Hardware terms)


Pixels are divided into three horizontal sections, these are called sub-pixels. A pixel has 3 sub pixels, one red, one green and one blue.

(more Image terms)

Support color

The amount of color that can be displayed

(more Optics terms)

Surface Acoustic wave touch screen

The Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology is one of the most advanced touch screen types. The technology is based on two transducers (transmitting and receiving) placed for the both of X and Y axis on the touch panel. The other important element of SAW is placed on the glass, called reflector. The controller sends electrical signal to the transmitting transducer, and transducer converts the signal into ultrasonic waves and emits to reflectors that are lined up along the edge of the panel. After reflectors refract waves to the receiving transducers, the receiving transducer converts the waves into an electrical signal and sends back to the controller. When a finger touches the screen, the waves are absorbed, causing a touch event to be detected at that point.

(more Hardware terms)


Refers to "super video graphics array", a type of screen resolution. This resolution measures 800 x 600, creating a 1.33x aspect ratio (Standard).

(more Image terms)


Refers to "super extended graphics array", a type of screen resolution. This resolution can measure 1280 x 1024 (1.25x aspect ratio, Standard) or 1280 x 960 (1.33x aspect ratio, Standard).

(more Image terms)


Refers to "super extended graphics array, plus", a type of screen resolution. This resolution measures 1400 x 1050, creating a 1.33x aspect ratio (Standard). This resolution is common on 14- and 15-inch laptop screens, and has a widescreen cousin, WSXGA+.

(more Image terms)


is anentire electronic product integrated on a single substrate.

(more terms)


Triacetyl cellulose film (TAC) is a layer of polarizer within an anti-reflective LCD screen.

(more Surface terms)

Tantalum pentoxide(Ta2O5)

a high-index, low-absorption material usable for coatings in the near-UV (350 nm) to IR (~8 µm) regions. Dense layers can be deposited by electron-beam evaporation or sputtering. It usually decomposes at 1470 deg. C.

(more terms)

TFT array

Multi-layered wiring for a larger flat panel display is formed by depositing molybdenum on a substrate in presence of a precursor gas containing at least one oxygen, nitrogen and carbon to form a molybdenum layer. An aluminum layer is deposited on the molybdenum layer. Another metal layer may be formed on the aluminum layer. The molybdenum layer has a face-centered cubic (FCC) lattice structure with a preferred orientation of (111).

(more Hardware terms)

Thin film electroluminescence

is a panel that includes a transparent substrate and a moisture proof sheet to cover the electroluminescent element. The moisture proof sheet includes a metal layer laminated between the two resin films and prevents moisture from affecting the operation and provides stability.

(more Hardware terms)

Thin Film Transistor (TFT)

A special kind of field effect transistor made by depositing thin films for the metallic contacts, semiconductor active layer, and dielectric layer. In TFT technology, one or more transistors are used to control each individual subpixel. Most commonly found in LCD screens.

(more Hardware terms)

Threshold Voltage

A minimum gate voltage in the transistor at which the conduction of current begins.

(more Electronic terms)

Threshold voltage

Its a minimum gate voltage in the transistor at which the conduction of current begins.

(more terms)

Threshold Voltage Shift(Vth)

The voltage level where enough electrons accumulate in the channel of a TFT to turn the device on.

(more terms)

Timing Controller

makes it possible to generate control signals based on the image data at different panel resolutions.

(more Hardware terms)

TN Cell

contains a nematic liquid crystal having positive dielectric anisotropy and a twist angle of essentially 90°, between two substrates provided with electrode and alignment layers, where the product of the separation between the substrate plates d and the optical anisotropy of the liquid crystal is between 0.15 and 0.70 ?m, characterised in that the liquid crystal contains a doping component in order to improve the grey shade capacity.

(more Optics terms)

TN LCD (twisted Nematic)

device including liquid crystal (LC) molecules having a twisted angle of around 90 degrees.

(more Optics terms)

TN mode

The TN mode is the workhorse of the LC display. The TN cell consists of two glass substrates coated with transparent indium-tin-oxide.

(more terms)

Touch screen

a touch-sensitive display screen: touching different portions of the screen with a finger will cause the computer to take actions determined by a program.

(more Hardware terms)


Transflective LCDs work as either transmissive or reflective LCDs, depending on the ambient light. They work reflectively when external light levels are high, and transmissively in darker environments via a low-power backlight.

(more Hardware terms)


A type of LCD screen in which the pixels are illuminated from behind the monitor’s screen (opposite of the user).

(more Hardware terms)


The fraction of incident light at a specified wavelength that passes through a sample.

(more Optics terms)


method which permits use of high-resolution optics with a relatively small depth of focus for patterning a substrate.

(more Optics terms)


(1600 x 1200), 1.33x aspect ratio, Standard

(more Image terms)


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