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Laptops In Education: Web Resources For Teachers

It can sometimes be quite challenging to keep studentsí interest raised while teaching. Teachers have to constantly be creative in forming lesson plans. Occasionally, it helps to find inspiration or see how others are teaching. By sprucing up lessons, we can encourage students to learn better and stay attentive. The resources below offer help and inspiration for teachers in all school subjects.


Students often respond to science lessons best when it involves an experiment. Other ideas include activities, fact-finding missions, and collecting statistics. This can also be supplemented with quizzes. Try using interactive demonstrations for elementary students if they cannot perform an experiment on their own.

  • General Science - Browse through helpful resources on elementary science topics.
  • Biology - Access free biology lesson plans and quizzes for upper grade levels.
  • Physics - Make physics class fun with interesting activities and background information.
  • Chemistry - Find chemistry lessons by grade level or state standards.
  • Science Resources - With these resources, you can make science more hands-on in class.

Social Studies

Quite often, studentsí eyes glaze over when it comes to history. Teach them about the past by helping them to relive it. Instead of mainly focusing on dates, discuss (or show!) how people lived. This can then lead to discussions of the social and political atmosphere at the time.


In the past, math was primarily learned from a textbook. Today there are plenty of fun games and activities online that are designed to help students practice math concepts. Discuss real world applications of the concepts to show why students need to learn them. Offering practice tests also helps students to pinpoint their weak areas.

  • Algebra - Find a number of revision tools, activities, and tests for the main areas of algebra.
  • Geometry - There is a wealth of information on geometry here, including its history!
  • Mental Math - Students learn about mental calculations with these arithmetic drills.
  • Calculus - This page offers calculus resources for teachers and students, along with several practice exams.


When discussing novels in English classes, bring them to life by asking students to perform or rewrite their interpretations of the story. A great way to help them understand early novels is by examining the time period in which they were written. Try breaking up the class into segments for grammar and literature. Holding an informal spelling bee with small prizes is a fun way to energize students and prompt them to brush up on spelling rules.

  • Grammar - This extensive guide offers resources on all aspects of grammar and spelling.
  • Writing and Grammar - Find resources sorted by categories from individual words to essays.
  • Early American Authors - Pick from a long list of classic early American fiction writers.
  • Mark Twain - This guide will help students to better understand Mark Twain, his era, and surroundings.

Second Language

Second languages can be quite difficult to learn without the opportunity to practice speaking often. Use skits or short performances to allow students to practice speaking in different situations. They might use a script or simply improvise. Another idea is to watch a movie in a foreign language and then hand out a comprehension quiz.

  • Spanish Culture - Through a series of modules, students learn about Spanish culture while practicing the language.
  • Spanish Exercises - Use these video guides to prompt students to act out different scenarios in Spanish.
  • Interactive French - Use themed French lessons to teach different aspects of grammar and vocabulary.
  • French Quizzes - This site lists a large number of French quizzes with answers.

Online Library Catalogs and Databases

In upper grades, students need to find reliable sources for research and school projects. There are plenty of online catalogs and databases that provide information from scholarly publications. Some such sites offer free content, while others require a subscription. Many databases are also organized according to a certain theme or subject.

  • Topical Databases - Find helpful databases of school support material sorted by topic.
  • High School Catalogs - These themed library catalogs provide great research material for students.
  • Research Databases - Help students access all sorts of publications with these databases.
  • Online Catalogs - Find the perfect online catalog from this list sorted by subject.

Homework Help Sites

Homework help websites are another wonderful source of support for students. There, they can find background and research information for projects they are working on. Many sites also offer tips on how to study better. Some also have a free phone-in or online chat tutoring service for students.

  • Study Skills - These skill sets can show students how to study more efficiently.
  • Science Help - This unique site focuses on homework help with space sciences.
  • General Homework Help - The Carnegie Library offers homework help and research material for most school subjects.
  • Math Help - Students can get support in math with online tutorials, games and more.
  • Help by Subject - This page lists homework help resources for the main school subjects.




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