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Laptop LCD Removal Instructions: IBM ThinkPad T30, 14.1"

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Diagram # 1
Your Laptop

Step 1 Screw Covers

Step 2 Remove Covers

Step 3 Bezel Screws

Step 4 Remove Bezel

Diagram # 2
Bezel Gone

Step 5 Frame Screws

Step 6 Video Cable

Step 7 Inverter

Diagram # 3

We'll help you go from laptop to LCD screen in 7 easy steps!

To use these instructions, simply click the button for each of the steps along the left side of the page. A detailed explanation will load up on the right side, and a photograph or two will load into the main part of the page. While using these instructions do not use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons of your browser, as they will take you to different pages.

At any time, you may click the print button () to receive a PDF version of our instructions, in the current language, for the current laptop (the PDF link changes when you change languages / laptops).

To help you along the way, we suggest you look at the three "diagram" steps. Each one gives you a visual definition, via labels, so that you understand each part we are talking about and how it relates to your own laptop. Also, please ensure you understand the preparation instructions, especially about unplugging the laptop power supply and battery before you begin.

What's unique about the lcd removal instructions for the IBM ThinkPad T30, 14.1"?

  • There's a Wi-Fi antenna wire running around part of the perimeter of the LCD screen. Care must be taken when dismantling the assembly, so one knows how it goes back together.
  • The video cable is plugged into the laptop shell as well as the LCD screen. One must carefully unplug it from the shell before removing the screws in the metal frame bracket holding the LCD screen.

What other machines do we give removal instructions for?

At any point in the process you may click the link button () to get a link back to that step in the instructions (for each step in each set, the link button changes).



For each step on the left side you will find a full explanation here on the right, when ever you click on it.


You may click on any step in the left column to see it immediately. Below are simple links to all steps:



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