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Laptop LCD Removal Instructions: Dell Inspiron B130, 15.4"

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Diagram # 1
Your Laptop

Step 1 Screw Covers

Step 2 Remove Covers

Step 3 Bezel Screws

Step 4 Remove Bezel

Diagram # 2
Bezel Gone

Step 5 Frame Screws

Step 6 Video Cable

Diagram # 3
LCD + Inverter Out

Step 7 Inverter
Click to enlarge

5: Frame Screws

As shown in the picture, cautiously tilt the LCD screen forward, within its metal frame bracket. If you are unable to, you may need to remove additional screws. Be careful not to damage the video / data cable.

Note that in some models, as in the one shown, part of the video cable is plugged into the laptop shell itself. In such cases you should start by carefully unplugging it from the laptop shell, and then tilting the LCD with frame further away from the shell.

Now, remove the screws in the metal bracket framing either side of the screen. Keep in mind that these screws will likely be different from the screws used to secure the bezel, so you'll need to remember which screws go in which holes. Again note the position of the Wi-Fi antenna, so that you'll know how it goes back together.

Two suggestions: again, it'll be helpful to put tiny screws, etc, in a small container. Second, if you're working with a good LCD screen which you plan to use, it's best not to lay it directly onto the laptop keyboard, but instead onto a soft cloth, or at least a paper towel. This helps prevent any damage to the surface of the screen.


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