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Term of the Day: Ultrabook

Written by mcarberry. Posted in Term of the Day

TOD Feature Ultrabook: A term coined and trademarked by Intel to define a higher end, more powerful line of subnotebooks. These ultrabooks are a direct response to the emerging tablet market, as well as to compete with the popularity of Apple’s Macbook Air. Previously, the demand for super portable laptops was pacified with the netbook. Netbooks were small notebooks that weighed very little and gave its user limited functionality because of the lack of power and speed. Ultrabooks differ because they retain the lightweight, super portable aspects of netbooks, but carry processors with enough power to complete more complicated tasks. In addition, these processors are capable of conserving more battery life, therefore increasing portability. Intel defined hardware requirements for PC makers to maximize performance and power. Most of these specifications include: 1) Slim size – Less than 0.8 inches thick 2) Lightweight – Less than 3.1 lbs 3) Power – 5 – 8+ hours of battery life In addition to these specs, many manufacturers also include solid-state hard drives and 13″ screens, although there has been a recent shift in ultrabooks toward 14″ and 15″ screen sizes. Ultrabooks are supposed to stay within mainstream pricing and retail for anywhere in between $700 and $1500.
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