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Samsung Powers New Laptop with the Sun

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The Samsung NC215S Netbook

Solar-powered electronics are nothing new and a lot of devices work alternately between conventional power sources as well as solar power. We’ve even seen some concept laptops that run on solar power.

But Samsung is changing the game. The super-tech company will be releasing the first mainstream-market and mass-produced solar powered netbook. The blogosphere is abuzz with rumors about the sun-harnessing mobile computer, but the following stats seem to be pretty consistent across the board.
  • The Samsung NC215S Netbook will cost $399 (very affordable)
  • Samsung says the laptop will have approximately 14 hours of battery life, for every two hours in the sun users will have one hour of power.
  • It has a 10.1 inch screen
  • The laptop is set to release in US markets in early July.
Will you be soaking up the summer sun with the new Samsung NC215S Netbook?

Harness the Sun: Solar Powered Gadgets

Written by screentekinc. Posted in Go Green!

SOLAR_POWER In today’s environmentally-friendly climate, solarpowered gadgets have been quite the rage for some time now. This eco-conscious concept offers consumers a way to harness clean energy to power their favorite electronics, yet most patrons of the digital age have not jumped on the solar-powered bandwagon. Like to talk hands-free? Talk hands-free with a solar powered Bluetooth headset. Several manufactures currently produce these little wireless communication tools. With a built-in solar panel, you have the option to charge in a cradle or on-the-go with the sun. Most of us own either an iPod or an iPhone (or both!)– And we know how fast we can drain the battery. These multi-taskers can do everything; play music, tweet, navigate our travels, make phone calls, take pictures.  Sadly, the juice runs out quickly running multiple functions at once. With the creation of NovoThink’s Surge Solar Charger for iPod and iPhone, we no longer need to worry about always having a charger and finding an outlet while on the go. The solar charging cases allow users to charge their devices with the sun through the solar panels on the case. You don’t even have to take the phone or MP3 player out of the case before syncing with a computer. Although still in prototype, LG is developing a solar panel to charge E-book Readers (Like Nook, Sony Reader and Kindle). In the prototype model, the e-reader simply slips into the solar panel case, allowing you to charge the electronic book while in use. The Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth Speakers are portable and efficient. These compact speakers work with Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones and laptops to play your favorite music. The best part is they utilize solar energy to function. Once fully charged, these speakers will play up to 10 hours of music via Bluetooth.

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