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The (Web)Apps We Love: SlimKicker

Written by mcarberry. Posted in Apps We Love


Yes, that IS a picture of bacon on the right-hand side. More on that later.

Tracking fitness goals and eating habits is a big part of what keeps me dedicated to exercise and healthy living. When I can see progress, I can keep myself motivated and it’s easier for me to continue pushing myself. This is where SlimKicker comes in. Okay, so it’s not EXACTLY a “Webapp,” but it is a site that has a mobile app so it’s close enough. SlimKicker allows you to keep track of your daily exercise routines, eating habits, and fitness goals. Now, this concept isn’t really new. A lot of sites and apps do this, but not a lot of them do it particularly well, and the ones that do sure as heck aren’t completely free.

When you signup, SlimKicker will take your information and create a plan for you

The best part is, SlimKicker provides fun challenges (some even have rewards) to engage its users in healthy behaviors and habits. There are achievements you can unlock, groups where you can discover healthy tricks and tips and get motivation to keep going. There is also an added social network so you can add your friends or make new ones and help keep each other on track. In addition, there’s a blog that has everything from the psychology of health, to workout routines and even recipes.

Tracking exercise

As you work towards your goals in SlimKicker, you will level up, and even earn badges for healthy behaviors. You can even set little rewards for yourself when you get to the next level (Yes, the reward I chose was bacon. A whole mountain of it, in fact. Don’t judge me!). Ahem… Where was I? Oh, yes. It’s been really fun for me so far. There are a couple of downsides. The food database isn’t incredibly expansive, and there isn’t a barcode scanner for the iOS app to add new foods. However, there is a recipe feature that allows you to build a meal or snack from its bare components. Now when you cook a meal at home you’ll be able to get the details on its nutritional value.

The nutritional tracker

Overall, it’s one of the best fitness and health apps I’ve ever used. It takes the best features of existing services, and rolls them up into a clean, fun, and user-friendly interface that’s on the web and conveniently on your iPhone. Who knows, thanks to SlimKicker I may finally be able to shed those pounds I resolved to lose a few New Years ago. I’m hungry. Where’s my deep fried pork chop wrapped in bacon? Oh, right… healthy…

Go Out with Weotta

Written by screentekinc. Posted in Tech Musings

weotta How many nights have been wasted on the greatest debate of all, “What do you want to do tonight?” – “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Too many nights! Now, there’s an app for that. Weotta is a digital social cruise director, taking the lead in planning your social outings. Simply input a few filters such as number of friends, mood and occasion and BAM- a list of events and happenings in your area is generated. Because the searches are based on algorithms, the searches return results instantaneously. The app is currently only available to those in the San Francisco and New York City areas, but Weotta has plans to expand to other cities. The app also allows users to reserve tables through OpenTable and purchase event tickets through Ticketmaster. Once plans have been decided on, Weotta patrons can share their itinerary on Facebook. Will you be using Weotta?
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