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Customize Your iPad With New Colors From ScreenTek Inc!

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Our new colorful line of iPad screens!

Our new colorful line of iPad screens!

ScreenTek is now offering our iPad2 and iPad3 digitizers in 3 bright new colors!  What better way to get ready for the summer than giving your iPad a touch of color. Now your iPad can be customized to your liking in a color that you absolutely love! If you crack your iPad2 or iPad3,  and feel like upgrading, just ask ScreenTek for one of our three hot new colors! Even if you haven’t cracked your screen, change up your iPad to reflect your mood. Pink, Blue, and Green are available! The best part is, the new colors start at only $46.99!!! Go grab one today at

First You Cry: A Practical Guide to Dealing with the Tragedy of a broken iPad Screen.

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Mourning occurs in response to an individual’s own terminal illness, or to the death of a valued human, animal or computer. According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying”, (you can download it on iBooks…ooops, sorry – forgot your iPad is broken) there are five stages of mourning when your iPad digitizer screen has become damaged; they are experienced by ten percent of all iPad users each year.   In our bereavement after the apparent loss of our beloved iPad, we spend different lengths of time working through each step, expressing each in different levels of intensity. The five stages do not always occur in the same order. The key to understanding the stages is not to feel like you must go through every one of them, especially when you have access to another computer. Instead, it’s more helpful to look at them as guides in the grieving process — it helps you understand and put into context where you are and what you need to do about your loss.   1. Denial and Isolation The first reaction to a broken iPad digitizer screen is to deny the reality of the situation. It is a normal reaction to rationalize overwhelming emotions of something so tragic happening to something that cost you so much money – a defense mechanism that buffers the immediate shock. You block out the words and hide from the facts: your iPad’s screen is broken. This is a temporary response that will carry you through the first wave of pain.   2. Anger As the masking effects of denial and isolation begin to wear, reality and its pain re-emerge. Your iPad is seriously screwed up. The intense emotion is deflected from your vulnerable (Apple) core, redirected and expressed instead as anger. This anger may be aimed at inanimate objects, like the crappy computer you’ll have to use until your iPad gets repaired, complete strangers, friends or even family. Anger may even be directed at Apple or the iPad itself. Rationally, we know that Apple and its awesome products are not to blame for this calamity, but still… Emotionally, however, you may resent them for causing you pain or for leaving you without your iPad. You feel guilty for being angry, and this makes you even angrier. Time for a drink!   3. Bargaining The normal reaction to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability is often a need to regain control.”If I could only replace the screen – everything would be different!” The quickest way to regain control in a situation like this is to go to the ScreenTek Inc web site and order yourself a replacement digitizer screen. They accept all major credit cards, in case you don’t feel like bargaining.   4. Depression Two types of depression are associated with mourning. The first one is a reaction to practical implications relating to the loss – you have an iPad but it doesn’t work. The second type comes from thinking about how much money it will cost you to replace your digitizer screen. This type of depression is predominated by sadness and regret. We worry about costs and delivery time. This phase may be eased by simple clarification and the reassurance of tracking your shipment. Sometimes all you really need is a hug. And your replacement screen.   5. Acceptance Reaching this stage of mourning is a gift not afforded to everyone. The door bell rings. You open the door. The delivery person has your brand new iPad digitizer screen from ScreenTek Inc. You sign for the screen. This step is called acceptance.   Now the healing process can begin…
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