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Laptop Spotlight: Samsung Series 9

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The Samsung Series 9 Laptop

Since the release of Apples ultra-slim netbooks, laptop manufactures have been working to re-engineer laptop designs. Ultrathin notebooks, 3D capability and state of the art performance are just a few things buyers today don’t just expect- but demand. Some manufacturers succeed in their endeavors and others just….don’t (to say the least). But every now and then we find a diamond in the rough; today it’s Samsung’s Series 9.

Crafted out of duralumin, a metal being used by Samsung that’s twice as strong as aluminum, the body of the Series 9 is nothing short of breathtaking. Its deep black casing and sharp angled edges give the device a very distinct look. Weighing less than three pounds and measuring just 0.64 inches thick, the Series 9 is lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air. The 13” screen along with Samsung’s Super Bright technology produces clarity that’s unmatched. With a matte screen, the built-in light sensors adjust the brightness of the screen with the brightness of the room. But don’t let its looks fool you. The Series 9 is full of power technology. Under the hood is a new Sandy Bridge Core i5 2537M, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Complete with a three year warranty and price around $1300 the Series 9 is nothing to play with.  With looks like these and top-notch technology, Samsung is setting the bar among laptop manufacturers.

Samsung’s Mobile Computing Edge

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  Seems like every day Samsung is announcing a brand new gadget – gadgets ready to trample the competition with more tricks than a show pony. Samsung’s latest conceptions consist of their ever popular smartphones and the 9 Series ultra-light weight and high-functioning laptop. The 9 Series is the first real competitor to the MacBook Air. Running Windows 7 and weighing in only ounces under the MacBook Air, Samsung is a genuine challenge to the mighty Apple. The Series 9 is incredibly sleek, dare we say even sleeker than the contemporary style of Apple?

The Samsung Series 9 Laptop Image Source

And now we’re hearing rumors Samsung will be equipping their smartphones with 2GHz dual-core CPU processors by the end of the year and available to consumers at the beginning of 2012. These phones will be faster than most laptops, including the Series 9.

Samsung innovation is definitely something any tech-guru will want to keep an eye on. Samsung is upping their game in the competitive world of mobile computing, are you keeping up?
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