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A Laptop, or an iPad, which one is better for you?

Written by mclarke. Posted in Tech Musings

School is back in just under a month, and one of the things that has changed since I was in school, is the amount of technology that surrounds us. You’re probably asking yourself “what’s going to organize me best for school this year;  a laptop, or an iPad?” That’s what we’re going to help you sort out today.

Hopefully that backpack doesn’t get too full this semester!

First things first! If you’re going to be making that two mile-trek across campus everyday, you’ve got some options. With smaller laptops like the MacBook Air, and the vast amount of other  netbooks out there, you could still have something substantial enough to take notes on, and save file in class, but you’ve still got something light enough to leave a little bit of room in your bag. Of course, maybe an iPad is a good option for you if you take a class where Social Media is involved and you need to make quick updates. Perhaps you don’t plan on taking notes in class at all, or you want to record your lectures on something small and powerful an iPad might be a great choice there.
Tablet Apps vs Computer Applications 
Here’s where things might take a turn for you. If you’re going to write a ton of essays, do a lot of research and you need a place to organize your files, a laptop is by far going to be the better selection for that. Something that makes the iPad really innovative is its use of apps. That might be a great choice for researching and discovery, but it also may be a hinderance. There’s always “an app for that,” but laptop applications are much more flexible. iPad apps are cheaper, so if cost is an issue, you might want to consider what you might spend with either device on apps.
Something else to keep in mind:
The iPad has endless ways to make it exactly like a computer. With external keyboard docks, mounts, and its powerful internal capabilities, it is practically a computer with the right accessories. You might not want to carry around all of extra stuff that goes along with it, but it’s one of those things worth mentioning.
Our opinion? Evaluate what you need before you invest in piece of technology. You have so many choices when it comes to picking out a new laptop for yourself. You can make the best decision, by evaluating your pros and cons, and what you need. If you need more help searching, we made this pretty nifty instructional video about what you should ask when you’re purchasing a laptop.

Password Protection: Are You Doing Enough?

Written by mcarberry. Posted in Tech Musings

Security is a really big issue these days. We put all of our information out into the internet from our phone numbers and our biggest turn-ons to our credit card numbers and addresses. We want all of our information to be safe, right? Well in order to keep your accounts from being hacked, you need to have a better password. It’s long been debated, but in my opinion, the best password is the one that even you can’t remember. That’s right, I said it. Your best bet on keeping your info secure is using a long password that has no meaning whatsoever.

Well how do you keep track of all that stuff? Simple. Use password management software. These programs allow you to store all of your passwords to all of your sites in one spot and this in turn can be secured with a master password. Most of these programs even feature random password generators where you can specify alphanumeric characters, capitalization, and special characters. This allows you to store a different password for every single site you access making it harder for a hacker to get his or her hands on all of your information. The best part is, with a master password, you only have to remember one to access them all. “