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ScreenTek’s Guide to Mother’s Day

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mothers With Mother’s Day only a few days away many of us are still scrambling to find our mothers the perfect gift – but really, what could be more perfect than the gift of ourselves in her life? Egos aside, Sunday, May 8th is a day dedicated to our lovely mothers, their sacrifice and all their hard work. A day well-earned over the course of a year. Need some help picking out a great gift for your mom? Tech-savvy or not, we have some ideas to let her know you’re thinking of her and appreciate her continuous efforts. If you’re short on time (or budget) an e-card is the simplest way to send some flattery to moms on Sunday. Google “e-cards” and an infinite number of sites are generated, ready to send some love to any email address you wish – for free! If your mom has a sense of humor, we particularly like the sass that comes with Perhaps your mom is more the sentimental type, call upon your inner Martha Stewart and create a digital scrapbook. A digital scrapbook is a great way to take digital and physical pictures and combine them into one cute and endearing story all about your mom’s favorite subject, you! – And digital means the crafty project is sans messy glue and glitter! Another great option for the budget conscious looking to nab a stellar gift for Mom and not completely splurge is subscribing to Groupon. The local-deals company is constantly sending out discounts for spas, restaurants and salons. You could score your Mom a self-indulgent day at the spa for half the price you would pay without Groupon.   Have a rockin’ mom? Hook her up with fully-loaded iPod so she can get her jams anywhere, anytime. iPods range in size and color and can even play videos and display pictures. Surprising Mom with an iPod stocked with her favorite tunes, pictures and videos is sure to make her day. What about the literary mother? Surprise her with a Kindle with subscriptions to her favorite magazines and newspapers. Kindles are great because they’re super functional. Not only does a Kindle serve as an e-reader but you can also check out books from libraries, upload PDF documents, play MP3s and even use the device as a translator. Moms are all about function and a Kindle certainly provides that! If all else fails, the tried-and-true gift on Mother’s Day are flowers. We suggest finding a flower shop located in your mom’s area. Most flower shops have fully-operational websites now, making it easy to pick out an arrangement and set up delivery, plus there’s less of a chance that flowers will be wilted or damaged when ordering from a local floral delivery company. Now you have no reason not to acknowledge Mother’s Day this Sunday, she can thank us later.

Double Your USB Ports: The dualLink

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The CableJive dualLink Image Source

It’s not exactly brand new but CableJive’s dualLink is still relatively unheard of and very cool. We are a nation obsessed with gadgets; unfortunately our laptops tend to ignore our love of electric accessories, barely providing enough USB ports to get through the day, coughAPPLEcough. The dualLink aims to alleviate some of this USB port inflicted stress allowing two devices to connect to your laptop, sync and charge at once.

The splitter cable is ingenious to say the least, making the most out of limited charging real estate on laptops. The cable is compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad. The dualLink is USB 1.0 and 2.0 compatible and allows users to connect two Apple devices at once. The folks at CableJive have ensured syncing both an iPod and iPhone simultaneously is a seamless process. The devices are registered with the laptop one at a time, letting the user make alterations to one or both of the devices. This also allows you to charge two Apple devices at the same time, no more battle for the charger. This cable is ideal for homes with multiple iPhone users in need of a charge and only runs about $26. Check out CableJive’s dualCharge wall charger and dualCarCharge for charging on the road.
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