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Screen Tek has replacement laptop screens and replacement digitizer screens for Apple notebooks and Apple iPads. We offer some of the lowest prices you’ll find for high quality LCD panels. Replacing the screen yourself saves time and money. And you can order a replacement LCD screen from Screen Tek today and have it delivered by tomorrow.

MacBook Air


People don’t associate Apple with laptop computers. The enormous popularity of the iPad and iPhone products tends to overshadow the fact that Apple also produces some great laptops:

 Screen Tek has replacement MacBook Air screens

MacBook Air

Screen Tek has replacement MacBook Pro screens

MacBook Pro

Screen Tek has replacement PowerBook screens


Screen Tek has replacement iBook screens


Screen Tek has replacement MacBook screens


Screen Tek has replacement screens for the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Powerbook, iBook and MacBook series of notebook computers as well as replacement digitizer screens for the iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Those prices listed are for BRAND NEW replacement LCD and digitizer screens. ScreenTek doesn’t sell used or knock off panels. Do we get them from Apple? No – because Apple doesn’t make the screens for their Macs and iPads. ScreenTek gets its screens from the same manufacturers that produce the screens installed in factory new Apple products.  This means there’s absolutely  no difference in quality between the screen you purchase from ScreenTek and the ones Apple installs in their products, except price. We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to our customers.


A lot of people don’t know that they can replace a laptop or tablet digitizer screen themselves. Replacing a screen yourself can save you a lot of time and money on screen repairs.

Take a look at this video, which shows you step by step how to replace a laptop screen:

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Here’s another video that shows you how to replace a digitizer screen:

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NOTE: The process for replacing an iPad screen, while similar to replacing an laptop screen, is a little more tricky. Why? It’s mainly because of the way tablets are put together. Literally. In a laptop computer, the screen and the computer are contained in two separate sections. With the iPad and other tablet computers, everything is sandwiched together between two panels.

The screen assembly of a laptop is held together by screws, while the two panels of the iPad are held together by glue. This is what makes the process of replacing an iPad digitizer screen more difficult that replacing a laptop LCD screen; to separate the two panels to get to the screen you have to first cut through this adhesive layer without damaging any of the iPad’s other components.

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We offer replacement iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3 digitizer screens as well.

ScreenTek has been providing replacement laptop screens to customers around the world since 2000. We’ve started offering iPad digitizer screens in 2012. Our success is due to our large inventories, low prices and great customer service. If you need a new screen for your laptop or tablet computer save yourself some time and money and contact ScreenTek.


Customize Your iPad With New Colors From ScreenTek Inc!

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Our new colorful line of iPad screens!

Our new colorful line of iPad screens!

ScreenTek is now offering our iPad2 and iPad3 digitizers in 3 bright new colors!  What better way to get ready for the summer than giving your iPad a touch of color. Now your iPad can be customized to your liking in a color that you absolutely love! If you crack your iPad2 or iPad3,  and feel like upgrading, just ask ScreenTek for one of our three hot new colors! Even if you haven’t cracked your screen, change up your iPad to reflect your mood. Pink, Blue, and Green are available! The best part is, the new colors start at only $46.99!!! Go grab one today at
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