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Fireworks on Your Windows 7 Desktop

Written by shaworth. Posted in How To

With the 4th of July just around the corner, it’s great to liven up your computer’s desktop with a new theme to celebrate the holiday! Thankfully, Microsoft has a theme just for such an occasion. Download the firework theme from Microsoft here. Once you have downloaded the theme, click on it. This will automatically install the theme to your desktop. It’s really that simple! Once the holiday is over though, you may want to change your desktop’s appearance to some other theme. You are certainly always welcome to download new themes through Microsoft’s personalization gallery, and the installation of these is exactly the same as described above… Download and click to install! After changing your themes a few times, you may decide that you want to go back to a previous theme. That is very easy too! Simply right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize.” You can scroll down through the list to choose which theme you want. Do you want to customize your theme a bit? Why not check out a new sound scheme? Simply click the keyboard icon marked “Sounds.” Want to disable a few of those pictures within the theme from your desktop rotation? Click “Desktop Background” and uncheck the thumbnails of the pictures you don’t want. Would you prefer to only have one of those pictures as your background? Click just one picture and then click “Save changes.” This is also the window that you can use to change your computer’s screen saver; simply click the Screen Saver icon and choose your screen saver from the drop-down menu. Decide that a pink task bar isn’t exactly your cup of tea? Click the “Window Color” icon to change it to something you like. Get comfortable with your computer and make it yours. Personalizing your computer not only makes you feel more comfortable with it, but it also allows you to express yourself in different ways.
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