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Term of the Day: Gate Drain Capacitance

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TOD Feature Gate Drain Capacitance is formed as a conductor that is positioned on the surface of the transistor between the gate and the drain. The conductor is formed on an insulator, thereby electrically insulating the conductor from the substrate of the transistor.

Technology with Heart: Solutions to the Digital Divide

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DD_image As you check your email, produce word documents, create spreadsheets and update Facebook it is easy to forget there are many without access to basic technology. There is a divide among those who are digitally literate and those who are digitally disadvantaged in countries throughout the world, including our own. The United States is a prosperous and well-developed nation, yet many of our schools suffer from a deficiency in technology. The homeless and disadvantaged lack the resources and skills to compose basic word documents or even set up an email address. The majority of job hunting is done online and through social networking, those who are not digitally competent face a hindrance. It is no secret how important it is to possess digital-literacy in our world. Many community tech non-profits have come together to offer solutions to this pandemic. One Laptop per Child provides affordable laptops to children in under developed countries.  Their mission is to make sure all children have the tools and education they need to become fully functioning adults in the digital world. Community Technology Network, located in San Francisco, CA, teaches essential technology skills to those who otherwise would not learn. Their mission is to provide all the resources necessary for digital inclusion through education. Computers for Learning works to bridge the digital divide by providing refurbished computers to schools and individual families throughout central Texas. This Austin-based non-profit has partnered with Grande Communications to make internet accessible and cost-effective to recipients of donations. Generous and dedicated organizations such as these can be found in most communities. All of the organizations mentioned accept donations and encourage community members to volunteer and become advocates of digital literacy.
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