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To The Cloud!

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We’ve all heard the term before, perhaps way too many times. In fact, it’s become the computer universe’s equivalent to swagger (which is another term I deplore for its never-ending misuse). So what is “The Cloud,” and more importantly why do we need it? Cloud computing has existed for many years long before Apple had the iCloud, and even before those cheesy Windows advertisements. Cloud computing started around the late 1990’s as a way of shifting workload and resources off of companies so they could operate more efficiently and inexpensively. Take Amazon, for instance. While many people are just now discovering their consumer-level storage services, Amazon has been offering cloud products and services for the last decade. That’s right folks; not everything you see on television is true. The cloud is not a big magic hard drive in the sky that keeps all of your instagram pictures and pirated mp3s backed up. The cloud is much more.

That’s right, cloud computing is everything, but th- Oh wait, there’s the kitchen sink.

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To look at it from a corporate view, the cloud is a huge network made up of lots of computers, but only certain computers are required to have software and licenses and storage space. Those computers allow access to those products and services to other computers through any specific type of software (it can be as simple as a browser). For companies, this means they don’t have to purchase expensive corporate licenses or make their IT guys waste valuable time installing Microsoft Office on all their computers. Instead, they could use something similar to Google Docs, where all the software, licensing, and storage are on a networked computer that can be accessed via browser. For consumers, many of these services have slowly crept up on you without you even knowing it. Gmail, Dropbox, and yes… even Facebook; it’s all considered cloud computing. So while tech companies may have you believe it’s only recently been possible to store and access our information, we’ve been doing it for years. What has been more recent is the ability for companies to offer some of the heavier duty services available to consumers.

CommVault’s Data Protection Solution for Laptops

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data protection-resized-600.jpg-resized-600 CommVault is introducing their new service, Simpana 9, as a solution to corporate laptop backup, recovery and compliance archiving. Development of this service came to be in the light of recent research suggesting endpoint devices like laptops and desktops are under protected, which may leave companies at risk for attack. Data and information management are CommVault’s specialties with individual modules all built on a one code base and platform, streamlining procedure; the program effectively analyzes, replicates, protects, archives and searches your data. Simpana bridges virtual servers with cloud storage integration for physical and virtual data management. Simpana 9 implements third generation data deduplication which means it finishes jobs fasters cutting your backup window down, maximizes data reduction by deduplication data universally through hundreds of clients or customers even in different locations with different protection policies. Simple management allows the use a of simple check box to switch between source and target-side deduplication to meet your business needs. The system improves availability of all data within businesses and seamlessly protects vulnerable company information. CommVault’s Simpana 9 is aiming to lower the cost, risk, administrative overhead and network bandwidth needed to protect and archive remote and mobile data within businesses. Businesses can now eliminate redundant data and defend their important records with a shield of protection.
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