Term of the Day: Plasma Display Panel (PDP)

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TOD Feature Plasma display panels are called “plasma” displays because the pixels rely on plasma cells, or what are in essence chambers more commonly known as fluorescent lamps. A panel typically has millions of tiny cells in compartmentalized space between two panels of glass.

Get the Most Out of Laptop Gaming

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Most gamers use a desktop, but for dedicated gamers on the go a laptop is often the only option to get the recreational fix these addictive digital pursuits implore. Games range in genre from action and adventure to sports and racing. Whatever your preference, you want to get the most out of your game and to do so, it is important to start with a laptop with all the right credentials. It is recommended by gamers to use a Microsoft operating system, as this OS will be compatible with most games. When gaming on a laptop you will also want to obtain as much real estate as possible, which means go with bigger screen sizes, 17 and 18 inch screens are large enough to play yet still portable.  You may also want to consider investing in a gaming mouse, as laptop track pads can hinder gamer performance. With laptops it is harder to upgrade components, so what you purchase is pretty much what you will be stuck with.  Our gaming experts suggest looking at games you play most often and comparing game specs with the laptop specs you are considering to aid in the selection process. In a good gaming laptop it all comes down to how well it displays. A graphics card or graphics processing unit (GPU) is the most important consideration you’ll need to make when buying a laptop specifically for gaming. Look for NVIDIA or ATI graphic cards for the ultimate graphics performance. As a serious gamer you’ll need at least 2+GB of RAM.  Also, a dual-core processor is a basic necessity for gamers and the bare minimum needed for even casual gaming. As far as hard drives go you’ll want 7200 rpm. To make sure you’re visually blown away and immersed as deeply as you can be in the game you’ll want a 1080p display. Although it’s not necessary to have a blu-ray optical, having a high-end graphic card with lots of memory is the MOST important thing to have. Happy Gaming!
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