Battery Savers!

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Is your mobile device constantly running out of power? Do you find yourself having to recharge it several times a day?

Usually the problem lies not with the battery but the fact that your phone or tablet is using too much juice. There are many reasons why your phone or tablet is using so much power. The causes can range from screen brightness to an improperly programmed app.

You can do many things to conserve power, such as adjusting the screen brightness, updating your apps, setting your auto-lock, or even turning your device off. There are also many apps available for download that will help you conserve your battery’s power.

A mobile device isn’t very mobile when it’s plugged into a charger. Here’s a few free apps that will increase your phone’s energy efficiency:



Easy Battery Saver

JuiceDefender – battery saver

2x Battery – Battery Saver

Longevity – Battery Saver

Battery Defender – Battery Saver  



Battery Life Pro – All-IN-1

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver, Battery Life)

 Battery Manager Free

Battery Power Doctor Lite

Battery Boost Magic, free



Battery Advisor Booster Saver Doctor



Battery Boost                        

Apps We Love: NewzSocial

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There’s a new news app that we’re really freaking out about right now. Yes, we’ve been long-time fans of Flipboard, Prizmatic, and Google Currents. We’ve even reviewed Pocket before here on the blog, but last week NewzSocial was launched, and we REALLY like it.

A food channel
So what’s the big deal? It’s just another news app, right? Well, sort of. It’s definitely a news app, and we could go on about how clean and beautiful it looks on the iPad, but it’s the structure that really separates this app from all the others. Typically with other news apps, you pick which news sources you’d like to get your news from like CNN, or Google, etc. However, NewzSocial is an app that allows its users to socially curate news based on type of news such as ‘Healthy Eating,’ ‘Tech,’ or ‘Election 2012.’ Additionally, you can share the articles you like with your friends or across a channel to add depth and texture to your followers’ experience.

See what your friends are curating
NewzSocial is COMPLETELY customizable based on the news YOU want to read, and it’s all share-able. The collaborative features, and the core ability to curate your own news essentially makes you an editor of your own news channel. We said we would skip the aesthetics, but we simply can’t. Like we said before it looks great, and the channels show up in stacks that expand into an immersive viewing experience. There are several pre-bundled news channels for you to try out, but making your own is just way too fun. The NewzSocial app was released September 19, 2012 for the iPad. Go grab it today!
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