Possible ScreenTek Q&A Video Blog in the Works

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Dear reader, ScreenTek is grateful that you come by to read this blog. We want to be a solid source of tech news, and information for you. With that being said, sometimes it’s difficult for us to know what matters to you the most. We’ve been thinking hard about it; long nights of head scratching, and staring at walls for motivation, and we finally think we’ve come up with something that might work. We would like to do a Q&A for our customers and fans. We can’t always know what tech conundrums befuddle you, so we want you to ask us, straight up. What do you need to know? We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions, in the best way possible. We want to do this, but we’re not sure if its appropriate for you, our audience, so if this is something you would want to see, please leave a comment below with “Yeahs,” “Nays,” and any other suggestions, or you can send us an e-mail: social@screentekinc.com Once again we’d like to thank everyone that visits this blog for swinging by from time to time. We’re trying to make this a better, more engaging experience for you.
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