What’s Next for Laptops?

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When asked what you want out of a laptop, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume you would say something like, “I want a fast, powerful machine that’s super portable and gets great battery life.” Sure that’s the dream; it’s what everybody wants out of a computer.

Believe it or not, this was one of the first laptops.

The only problem is up until a couple of years ago, laptops like that didn’t exist. They were just pipe dreams. Sure your laptop could be fast, but it probably had to have a massive battery just to keep the thing powered up for a few minutes. Then you had the portable wave of computers that could go nearly a full day without a recharge, but try to do anything except play solitaire and you’d be looking at a total lock up. Ugh! It was frustrating, it was boring, and it WAS the way computers were made. Not anymore, though! If you’re a fan of the ScreenTek blog (and I KNOW that you are), you’ve probably read that little gem I wrote a couple months ago on ultrabooks, right!? … No? Oh, well that’s okay I guess. Anyways, what’s important to know here is that these days laptops are lean, mean screamin’ machines that can get tons of battery life. They’re also extremely affordable now, so everybody can find a laptop to suit their budget. Not to mention with so many places offering free Wi-Fi, they’re more portable than ever!

It would seem that the tech industry has figured out the portability and power equation. So, where do we go from here? Do we continue making them even faster, and longer-lasting? Do we focus on software development to take advantage of the hardware? The possibilities are endless. They are currently making a supercomputer in Spain that’s powered by ARM processors (cellphone chips). It’s going to be the most the most energy efficient, and perhaps the most powerful supercomputer to date. In addition, Intel (the company responsible for the processors that make ultrabooks possible), has made it well known that they believe the future for laptops is touch. The concept of a clamshell tablet has been done before, and it was bad… very bad. Intel however, seems to be adamant about supporting this. The new Windows 8 platform welcomes touch technology, but on a desktop or normal laptop computer the features seem dulled and unimportant. So perhaps this is exactly what the notebook industry needs.

All glass laptops; the future?

Only time will tell what the future holds for mobile tech. It could be anything from holographs to 3D (please, God no.) and I have been holding out for smell-o-vision for quite some time now. It sure would make all those Diners, Drive-ins and Dives episodes a lot better, don’t ya think!?

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