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The new iPad site layout. Yes, it's an iPad!

For the past few weeks, everybody here at ScreenTek has been diligently working toward creating a new iPad site with new services. The goal? To make your iPad repair process as smooth and convenient as possible. First, a quick look at our sleek new site. We made our iPad site look like an iPad with interactive “App” icons to boot. Since most of the customers coming to our iPad site own an iPad, we wanted to give our customers a familiar interface. We hope you find it as sleek, captivating, and interactive as possible.

We made all of our new site icons look like apps for that familiar iPad feel.

In order to deliver the absolute best service, we needed to give our customer options. We had already added options for shipping, and at this point, sending and receiving your iPad couldn’t get any easier with ScreenTek. What we wanted to implement were more options for repair. After extensive examination of all of our internet avenues, we came up with two major ideas. The first idea evolved from an existing service. We already allowed our customers to purchase digitizers to repair their iPads themselves, but aside from a few really rough hacks on YouTube using less than adequate methods and tools, there wasn’t a lot of information on how to go about the repair at home. So we researched the best ways to get the job done with the least amount of equipment possible. We created an instructional video and wrote up a blog on digitizer repair so our customers could have something to go off of as well. The second idea came from the thought that immediacy is often more important to our customers than anything else. To fulfill this need, we are building a repair shop network to facilitate fast, convenient, local repair. Not only does this aid our customers in getting the fastest service possible, we are also attempting to grow the customer base of the repair shop network we already work with for laptop screens, and that’s good for everyone involved.

Furthermore, ScreenTek will be initiating a BuyBack program for used, broken, and worn out iPads. We understand that sometimes, a digitizer replacement just won’t do the job, so ScreenTek wants to help you recover some money on that investment.

Get cash to put toward either a new iPad, or maybe an elephant... But we wouldn't recommend that.

Lastly, ScreenTek knows that accidents do happen. They’re nobody’s fault, but sometimes these things happen. If you purchase a digitizer from us, whether ScreenTek does the repair or not, our customers will have a one-year warranty on their digitizer. Cracks, chips, and breaks, ScreenTek will repair your iPad again no questions asked.

If you crack your iPad digitizer within a year of the purchase date, we've got your back!

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