Keeping your technology mean and green this Earth Day.

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Earth day is here again, and with the world’s shift to an importance of green technology, and preserving the planet, we came up with some practices that you can use this year to keep your tech green. Who knows – maybe you’ll even keep it up, and start living a more “green” lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to stay green is really simple – power down any devices you aren’t using. You’ve got tons of things plugged into your walls – televisions, computers, and laptop chargers are probably among those things. When you aren’t using those devices, unplug them, or if you’re not in the room with them, turn them off. Not only will you be using less electricity, but you’ll save a little bit of money by not using energy while those devices aren’t plugged up. Another thing you can do is make your paper trail digital. Take those old receipts, high school love letters, and college essays, and scan them. Put them on a disc, and recycle all of that paper. By recycling, some one else will use that old paper that you might not need anymore, and who knows? That thesis you wrote may become a napkin, or a recycled paper shopping bag in its next lifetime. What else could there be for you to do? Well, why not shoot for the stars…Energy Star that is. Check out your latest and greatest gadgets and see how they rate with Energy Star. Energy Star rated technology means that your products are energy efficient, which in the long term keeps you a little more green. These are just a couple of things you can think about if you decide to celebrate Earth Day, or if you want to be more green in general. Taking these steps are just little ways that you can save some energy, and do your part to protect the planet.
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