Your Digital Spring Cleaning

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Time to get in there, and clean up your computer

Spring is here! It’s time for flowers and love, and all that disgusting stuff. It’s also time for the literal and metaphorical clean sweep. While getting rid of all the junk in your home is highly encouraged, many people neglect the digital part of their lives when it comes to spring cleaning. Yes, your tech needs to be cleaned too, and I’m not just talking about cleaning your screen. There are lots of things you can do to unclutter your digital desktop, and start off the season organized. If you’re going to do this, you need to go all the way. Don’t be afraid to delete stuff you don’t need, you hoarder.

You wouldn't allow your home to look like this, so why your computer?

If you spend a large amount of your time on the web, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of bookmarks, unneeded apps, and even a lot of friends. Take a little bit of time to go through your bookmarks. If you’re anything like me about 95% of them will just be random bookmarks in the unsorted folder. Organize by subject type so you can access everything faster. Don’t forget to trash bookmarks that aren’t timely or relevant anymore. Do the same thing for RSS feeds and web apps. E-mail is notorious for piling up. If you don’t need it, trash it, and if you do need it, take it out of your inbox. Folders are a great way to keep your inbox clean. The next part may be a little harder. It’s a great time for you to do a social media sweep. Not only should you be cleaning out your friend/follower list, but you should be optimizing your profiles and posts. If you work in a professional environment, it might be a good idea to start untagging yourself from all those party pictures, and removing some of your more explicit posts. If you want to keep them around for the memories, but don’t want the whole world to see them, Facebook has an export profile feature that allows you to download your site content including pictures and videos.

Clean up your social media

An obvious way to clean up your tech is to organize your folders and files. We’ve talked about this before as a great way to speed up your PC. Not only will it help give you a boost in performance, but it will also allow you to manage files and find things much faster. If your mess is more about paper than about your PC, digitize those documents. It’s a huge space saver, and unlike paper and ink, a digital file can last a really long time. Business cards, receipts, and other important documents can all be easily digitized these days with the right scanner.
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