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The Top 5 iPad 3 Rumors

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We’re all desperately anticipating its release. Rumors are what Apple fanatics (such as myself) do best. So what IS the iPad 3 going to be like? What is and what isn’t going to change? ScreenTek has the top 5 features you need to look out for come March 7th.

5.) Better Front and Rear Cameras – This rumor seems to be pretty likely given that Apple updates the camera on every iteration of i-device they release. Couple this with the number of iPad 3 pictures indicating a larger hole for the camera in the new case, and we’ve got ourselves a pretty solid rumor.

4.) Dual and/or Quad-core Processor – First the rumor was that the iPad 3 was getting an upgraded A5 dual-core chip. Then, just recently, another rumor resurfaced claiming the processor is going to be quad-core. I’m not sold on ANOTHER dual-core chip because that seems redundant, but in terms of processors, Apple usually falls behind a generation. 3.) 4G LTE Data – Obviously this would only apply to Verizon and ATT, but I’m really looking forward to seeing if this rumor is true. Why? Apple has been holding off on LTE since they started multi-carrier service. LTE is the future, and they didn’t jump in the game with everyone else over a year ago with the iPhone 4. This would be a huge step up in terms of content consumption (which Apple is all about). Let’s hope, if this rumor is true, they can provide a battery with enough endurance to keep it running for it’s current 10 hour mark. 2.) 8” Screen – Personally, I’m a little afraid that this one is true. I don’t want to see a smaller tablet because I think the 10” (9.7” for all of you nitpicky people out there) form factor is perfect for content consumption. However, Apple might be able to reach a new market, and provide a lower cost option for people who REALLY want an iPad, but settle on a Kindle Fire because of price.


1.) Retina Display – Seeing your movies on a screen with a 2048×1536 retina display would be simply amazing! The ability to see 1080p on an iPad has been long desired amongst the Apple community. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one, too.   While many of these rumors are pretty strong, and even have pictures up on the web to corroborate their accuracy, an expertly edited photo has duped me before. I will attempt to contain my excitement until March 7th, when Apple reveals the truth. Until then, I anxiously anticipate Apple’s amazing announcement (see what I did there?)

Don’t Test Your Luck: Choose ScreenTek.

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