Our Favorite Innovations From CES 2012

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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped up last Friday, showing once again that technology is developing rapidly, and innovation is alive. CES provides a great outlet for engineers, and developers to show off their new products. Some products, like the Simple.TV DVR were fantastic and innovative, while others, like the iNuke Boom,were kind of wacky. There were 3 debuts that really caught our eyes: 1: The Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount: Belkin is no stranger to innovation, after all they were honored with 5 innovation awards at CES this year. One of those awards went to their Kitchen Cabinet Mount Device. This products allows you to mount your tablet to your kitchen cabinet, which is cool if you want to watch movies, or have a hands free way to look at recipes while you’re cooking. It keeps your tablet safe and out of the line of fire while you’re in the kitchen. 2: Razer’s Project Fiona Tablet: Priced slightly below $1,000, this tablet is a must for gamers. Its twin joysticks allow for easier play than most other tablet gaming, and it brings all of the best things about gaming from Playstation, the iPad, and Xbox while maintaining the portability, and technology of a tablet. The tablet will run Windows 8 and will boast an Intel Core i7 processor, making it quick for any gamer.   3: Ultrabooks: Of course Ultrabooks are on our list. They’ve been out for months, but they really took off at CES  with retailers like Dell, LG, Samsung, HP and Lenovo all showing off their new Ultrabooks. Though they’re still pretty pricey, and the trend of a thin and fast notebook seems to have already existed in Apple’s Macbook Air line, the portability of these windows PCs have increased and the quality is there, at least enough to justify the price (They’re starting around $800 depending on speed, and hard drive space). Which one do you pick? It depends on your preference and what you look for in a computer, but you’ll be seeing a lot of this product when you’re out shopping for your new laptop this year. What were your favorite innovations at CES this year? Was there anything you didn’t see that you would have liked to? Let us know in the comment section.  
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