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DIY: Mending a Scratched LCD Screen

Written by screentekinc. Posted in Tech Musings


For as mobile as laptops are, the average laptop sure seems to be susceptible to damage. Perhaps your laptop is showing some signs of the road such as scratch marks on the LCD screen – but hey, we all have some imperfections, no sense in tossing a fully functional laptop to the curb for a few cosmetic issues.

Especially when there are some easy and simple ways to rid your LCD screen of those unsightly marks. Did we also mention it’s cost-effective? We have to put in a disclaimer here: Try this method at your own risk. Hey – it probably works great, but we’re not responsible if something goes haywire! Things you’ll need:
  1. Soft Cloth
  2. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  3. Cotton Swabs (Q-tips)
First, clean off the surface of your screen as you would normally-making sure all dust particles and whatever else has managed to collect on the screen is gone. Next grab a Q-tip and dip it into the Vaseline. Fair warning; be sure to check the amount of Vaseline you’re using before applying to scratches. When you’re sure you have just the right amount of petroleum jelly on your swab, gently dab at the scratches – making sure not to poke so as not to cause more damage. After that, use the cloth to wipe away any excess Vaseline on the LCD screen. If the scratches are stubborn and remain after this treatment, you have another option – You can order an affordable replacement screen from ScreenTek! Our Account Executives are available Monday through Friday to take your calls, answer your emails and make sure you get the right scratch-free screen for your laptop. Liked this article? Check out 5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Laptop Screen Yourself