Laptops vs. All-in-One Desktops

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“What should I buy… a desktop or laptop?” is a question many ponder when in the market for a new computer. Here at ScreenTek we’ve spent some time weighing the pros and cons of both. Truth is, functionally, there aren’t many notable differences between the two.

Consumers have an unlimited list of features to pick from when purchasing a new computer, be it a laptop or all-in-one desktop. Performance and power of both the laptop and the all-in-one match up well; picture Manny Pacquiao in the ring with Roy Jones Jr. But when it comes to size and mobility, the laptop wins this round. As far as wireless capabilities both are Wi-Fi capable and can operate with little or no wires; but it’s hard to browse the web pool side on a desktop. Desktops are generally more powerful but the laptop utilizes better power usage. For instance, while in use the laptop uses 20-90w compared to the desktop putting out 100-800w. Both computers can fluctuate in price, ranging from a few hundred dollars and skyrocketing into the thousands. With all this being said there isn’t much separating the two besides the obvious- portability. Portability alone is what makes the laptop more efficient than a desktop. The average laptop is three to five pounds versus the desktop, which is going to weigh at least 10lbs and won’t function without plugging into the wall. Today with durable laptops like the Panasonic Toughbook, durability is becoming less of an issue as well. Cases, bags and totes have evolved with your laptops protection in mind, making them easier to bring alone while traveling and commuting. In an era where information and Internet is instant, the laptop wins this battle. Perhaps we’re bias, but facts are facts!
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