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Toshiba’s New Kid-Friendly Laptop

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The Toshiba Satellite L735D

With the Holidays right around the corner, it is no surprise shopping season has already started. Long lines, crowded streets and busy shopping centers are a reality every year to all of us. Why not pick up big-ticket items now? Due for release in October is the Toshiba Satellite L735D, a new laptop from Toshiba designed with the little ones in mind. Stocked with a 13.3″ widescreen display, built in webcam and sporting a silver and neon-green skin, this laptop will definitely catch the eye of any child. Something we found particularly cool about this laptop is its wipeable keyboard, how ingenious is that? Toshiba put a lot of thought into the L735D; did we mention every L735D comes with the LEGO Harry Potter video game installed and ready to play? Here are some additional specs.
  • 320 GB storage capacity
  • AMD E-Series Processor E-300
  • Runs Windows® 7 Home Premium
With a starting price just under $500, this might be the right investment to make so your child can learn more about computers and increase his or her overall computer awareness.

Questions You Should Ask Before Replacing Your Laptop Screen

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screenteklogo When our laptop screen breaks, cracks and otherwise stops working – it feels like the end of the world. Our lives are inconvenienced and unexpected stress suddenly consumes us. But frequently, the “broken” screen isn’t really broken after all. Below are a list of commons laptop LCD screen predicaments and solutions. Is there physical damage such as a crack? It may look like there’s an ink splotch on your notebook screen. Although the surface layer of the notebook screen isn’t damaged, the glass inside your notebook screen is and the screen needs to be replaced. Solution: We know just the place to order a new laptop screen- ScreenTek! Contact us and we’ll have a new screen delivered quickly.   Do you see horizontal or vertical lines? This is a notebook screen defect, not a defect with the video card or the notebook itself. Solution: To make sure this is a problem with the laptop screen, connect your laptop to an external monitor. If the image appears normal on the external monitor it is most likely a problem with the notebook screen.   Is the backlight faulty? Indications of this problem include a dim screen, where you see only a faint image on your LCD screen and adjusting the brightness of the laptop does not help. This means either the backlight has gone out or the inverter is bad. Solution: 75% of the time it’s the inverter that has gone bad and we recommend replacing the inverter before replacing your laptop screen.   Is the screen completely black? If you’ve tried adjusting the brightness controls on your laptop and connecting the laptop to an external monitor but still don’t see an image on your screen, chances are the backlight is faulty. Solution: Although there are companies selling just backlights, it is often much easier to just replace the laptop screen, much less technical and not as much “laptop surgery”.   Is your screen flickering? Meaning your notebook screen’s image goes in and out. Solution: you may want to open the notebook to make sure the video cable is securely fastened in the video data port on the back of the screen. Also, be sure the inverter cable, located at the bottom of your screen, is also securely fastened. Examine the video cable for damage, this may cause flickering too. If everything seems to be secured tightly and there is no other visible damage, there’s a good change the LCD is faulty and needs to be replaced.
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