Unexpected Wi-Fi Hot Spots

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Now that Starbucks is retaliating against the “Laptop Loungers” (as they’re called) by covering up electrical outlets in their coffee shops across the country, where will we all go to enjoy some courtesy Wi-Fi? Surprisingly the Internet can be reached beyond the coffee shop. Although it is a tad on the warm side, many state parks and campgrounds around the country offer access to free Wi-Fi. What else would go better with a camp fire and a cookout than immediate access to YouTube and your email? Looking for a cooler, more refined locale to access the web? Head over to a local museum. Museums aren’t only cultural hot spots they’re Internet friendly as well. It used to be rude to pull out a phone, laptop or other electronic device during a meal, but now it’s almost expected and restaurants are catering to this change in etiquette. Many restaurants and bars are now offering patrons access to Wi-Fi while they dine and drink. You may not be able to make a peaceful phone call while on city transportation, but many of us do have access to free Wi-Fi while commuting from point a to point b. Cities are integrating public Internet access into public transportation, allowing you to make the most of your time. If you’re looking for variety when it comes to occupying free Wi-Fi, use a Wi-Fi finder search. JiWire’s Wi-Fi search seems to work very well. With seemingly unlimited free Wi-Fi access hiding all over our cities, where will you be browsing the web?
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