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It’s Earth Day! Technology companies and innovators are constantly looking for ways to increase their sustainability and implement environmentally-friendly practices. At ScreenTek we’re big supporters of the green initiative and found Treehugger’s Best of Green 2011 list very interesting. The list features companies excelling in sustainability and incorporates everything from fashion to politics. We’re going to share the top tech winners featured on Treehugger’s list. The list centers on cell phones, gadgets and innovations that not only improve our quality of life but also complement Mother Nature. Many of us are addicted to our cell phones and have a need to stay on trend with the latest and greatest, always upgrading to a new phone. Unfortunately, cell phones don’t rank among the greenest of devices but Samsung is progressively trying to change this fact. Making Treehugger’s list as the Best Cell Phone, The Samsung Restore is affordable at $50, constructed of 84% recyclable materials and it comes with a paper-free virtual users’ manual. As phones become obsolete faster than any other device, it’s good to know Samsung is doing their part to curb environmental impact. Speaking of cell phones, since they go everywhere with us they’re well suited to track pollution and toxin levels which may be detrimental to our health and safety. A group at the University of California in San Diego has invented a silicon chip to do just that! The chip is small enough to be inserted into cell phones and identifies dangerous airborne chemicals and follows up by alerting emergency responders through the cell phone network. This ingenious creation garnered the chip a place on Treehugger’s list as the Best Techy Advancement for the Masses. Although reports have been flying across the Web about Apple being the least green of tech companies due to its use of coal, they’re manufacturing two top-ranking green devices. The iPad was named Best Tablet Device and the MacBook Air was named Best Computer. These devices are made from aluminum and glass making them especially recyclable and the MacBook Air has a noteworthy battery life, requiring less charge time and energy consumption.   We’ve featured Gazelle in a previous blog as a great place to recycle electronics and this year Gazelle made Treehugger’s list as the Best Gadget Resell Company. This website is great for those who are continually upgrading to the latest iPhone, eReader or camera as you can pass along your gadget to another consumer not as concerned with possessing the latest version. If you’re interested in finding more Best of Green: Science and Technology winning companies, check out Treehugger’s list here.
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