Gizmo Glorification: The Motorola Atrix Android Phone

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The Motorola Atrix Android Phone and Laptop Dock

Motorola’s Atrix Android phone is one of the coolest gadgets we’ve seen recently ever. This is the over-achiever of smartphones, with a dual core processor and a webtop application that lets you use the phone as a laptop; it’s a mighty impressive phone. ATT is touting the phone as “One device for the many parts of your digital life” and we’re a bit inclined to agree.  There’s a Motorola HD Dock you can connect with the phone and comes complete with three USB ports and even an HDMI port. This lets you connect the phone to all sorts of nifty things like keyboards, HD TVs and speakers. One of our favorite features about the phone was the ability to connect to an HDMI compatible monitor.  This takes multi-tasking on a smartphone to a new level. It gives you access to all your apps, web browsing with Mozilla, photos and video at the same time and with the click of a mouse on a larger screen - all from your phone. With internet anywhere thanks to ATT hot spot service on Atrix, there’s little it can’t do on the go. Although the phone sports a  1900mAh battery – if you don’t know, this is big – we’d like to see what kind of battery life this android is working with first hand. Even the most satisfying and high-functioning smartphones seem to always be plagued by limited battery life. One thing we do know is the Atrix is the most interactive smartphone we’ve ever seen.
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