Avoid the Landfill, eCycling for Laptops

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We recycle bottles, cans and paper. But did you know it is important to recycle your obsolete and discarded electronics as well? E-waste, as it is referred to, has a large impact on the planet. When products are disposed of improperly and simply thrown into landfills they release mercury, lead and cadmium into the earth. These metals pose risks to our health as well as to environmental stability. In order to reduce impact on the planet and protect yourself, recycle your unwanted electronics. We’ve compiled a list of some great companies and websites to make this task easier and more efficient. 1. EcoSquid.com  This website makes it super easy to find eCycling centers. Use the search feature to select what type of device you are recycling and a list of recycling drop sites and programs are generated. 2. Gazelle Help green the planet and put some green in your pocket with this site! Simply search for the item you are looking to recycle, Gazelle identifies the value of the item, you ship it to them (on their dime through FedEx), they receive your recycled electronics and after inspection of the item issue payment in the form you selected. They offer payment through check, PayPal account, gift card and even a donation to charity. 3. Retailers like Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot offer convenient eCycling options. Although these stores often charge a recycling fee, many will offer an in-store credit as incentive to recycle electronics with them. 4. Manufacturer Recycling Programs  Many manufactures offer a mail-in option to recycle your old laptops. Check your laptop manufacture’s website to see if this option is offered. Make sure the manufacturer guarantees zero landfill recycling before returning your discarded computer.   5. All Green Electronics Recycling This program offers those recycling a helpful scheduled pick-up service. Their pick-up services are offered in California, Nevada, Washington, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida. The pick-up service is extended to places of business as well as individuals. If none of these options are feasible for your situation, a quick Google search of electronics recycling programs will provide more options.
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  • Amy


    Thank you for mentioning All Green! We love to help people recycle responsibly and keep e-waste out of landfills and developing countries.

    Just remember to find a responsible recycler, preferably one who is certified by E-Stewards (e-stewards.org).


    • screentekinc


      No problem, thanks for operating such a great organization. Thanks for the tip for our readers!


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