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Laptop Typing Tutorial

Today information is increasingly shared through the Internet and by using computers. Computers are used to do research, complete homework assignments, teach new concepts, and to play games. The heart of using a laptop, however, is understanding how to operate the keyboard and knowing how to type. As a kid, you may wonder how typing can be of any importance. Accurate typing increases efficiency when using the computer and makes it easier to communicate and learn. Since many teachers now prefer typed essays and research papers, being able to type will be essential to completing required assignments. Being able to touch type, which is typing without constantly looking at the keyboard, is also a necessary skill in many careers. These tutorials, drills, games, lessons, and diagrams break down the functions of the various keys on the keyboard and help to improve typing skills.

  • A Start On Typing: NASA presents this color coded diagram to show where each hand should go on the keyboard. After placing fingers on the home row, play the Sign Here game.
  • ABCYA.com Keyboarding Challenge: In this game, the goal is to put the letters and number of the keyboard back together in the correct order.
  • Basic Keyboarding: Comprehensive introduction to the keyboard explains everything from the purpose of the function keys, to the correct posture, and typing basics.
  • Byte Back Typing Tutorial: Progress through basic and advanced typing lessons and practice in this online free course.
  • Computer Tutorial For Beginners: Designed for those new to using a keyboard, this interactive tutorial has demonstrations and simple instructions to explain how to operate the various keys on the keyboard.
  • Dance Mat Typing: This introduction to touch typing includes 4 levels with song and dance to make it fun. Printable worksheets enhance the lessons.
  • e-Learning For Kids: Click on the keyboard in this interactive room to complete animated lessons all about the keyboard.
  • Exercises In Typing: Created by kids for kids, these typing lessons and diagrams explore the basics of typing and operating the keyboard.
  • FreeTypingGame.Net: Play dozens of typing games to learn the home row keys, correct hand placement, and improve typing accuracy.
  • Gamequarium Keyboarding Games: These keyboarding games are a stress fee way to focus on improving speed and having fun with typing.
  • Glencoe's Online Keyboarding: Over a dozen interactive lessons and movies covering the home row keys, capitalization, symbols, and much more.
  • GNU Typist: Become familiar with the keyboard by downloading this free typing tutor.
  • Goodtyping: Multiple lesson plans are offered in this online typing tutorial.
  • Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101: This keyboard tutorial shows the layout of a standard keyboard. Click on various parts of the keyboard to learn more information.
  • Keybr.com: Start off with basic instruction and lessons then work up to more challenging lessons that introduce new keys and practice with customized text.
  • Keyboarding Learning Games For Kids: Courses, challenges, speed test, and paragraph writing practice are presented in animated game form to make it easier to stay focused and keep typing.
  • Keyboarding & Typing Tips: Understanding the functions of the various keys on the computer and how to press the keys is an important part of typing. Read this guide to learn the basics of operating a keyboard.
  • Keyboarding Practice: Use these drills to quickly boost typing accuracy and speed.
  • Keyboarding Technique: This illustration shows proper typing technique including how the feet and hands should be placed.
  • Learn 2 Type For Kids: Daily practice will help with improving typing skills. Learn 2 Type is a popular program offers drills, interactive exercises, and typing tests.
  • Letter Zap!: Simple keyboard games are great for learning how to type because they take away the stress of mastering the keyboard. Letter Zap! Is a fun easy game where you simply focus on clicking the falling letters and improving your score.
  • MasterMind Typing: Learning how to type is engaging and fun in this cool free software tutor that adjusts each lesson and introduces new keys based on user performance.
  • MaxType PRO Typing Tutor: Free software featuring tons of test, exercises, and data on typing abilities.
  • MrKent.com Typing Tutor: Lessons teach typist how to hit the correct keys without wasting time looking down at the keyboard layout.
  • OzSpeller's Keyboard & Typing Tutor: Use this virtual keyboard to complete drills instead of peeking down at the keyboard.
  • Peter's Online Typing Course: A comprehensive typing resource, this site breaks down everything budding typists need to know. The correct placement of the left hand and right hand are covered, as are typing ergonomics, and useful typing exercises to train the fingers.
  • Power Typing: One of the best ways to learn typing is to complete a mix of tutorials focused on technique and learning the keyboard along with games that show typing can be fun. This site offers a mix of both lessons and animated games for hours of typing fun.
  • Quick Typing Practice: Complete short letter drills or customize drills with timed typing practice to focus on boosting speed.
  • Rapid Typing: Download free typing software or take an online typing test and play typing games. All options are meant to be entertaining, user-friendly, and provide rapid expansion in typing abilities.
  • Sense-Lang.org: Learn the layout of the letters, numbers, and symbols on the keyboard with these keyboarding tutorials, games, and tests. A free certification test can also be done once typing proficiency is reached.
  • Stamina: This free software is an ideal typing tutor for novice users. The traditional and an alternative keyboard finger layout are presented to help users swiftly improve typing skills.
  • Touch Typing: This tutorial allows the user to change background color on the virtual keyboard and shows the correct hand placement when the wrong key is struck. Users can also choose to paste their own text into the program for a fun twist.
  • Tux Typing: Help a hungry penguin fill up by typing the right letters in this addictive downloadable freeware.
  • TypeOnline: This UK based typing course is simple and straightforward. Typing instruction is broken down into lessons with multiple exercises included in each lesson. The program is designed to gradually increase user confidence with operating the keyboard and increasing typing speed.
  • TypeRacer: Race against friends or take on online opponents in this fun game. New races are always available.
  • Typing Game Collection: Lessons, drills, and games are used together to improve confidence and typing expertise. The program also allows users to create custom lessons focused around letters that they need to practice more.
  • Typing Lessons: Improve typing technique with these various assignments covering various skills including the numeric keypad, skills check, and writing paragraphs.
  • Typing Speed Test: Choose a level of difficulty and get started completed this speed test to figure out the number of words per minute (WPM) typed. Take the test periodically to track changes in typing speed.
  • Typing Tutor Game: In this game, improve typing skills by stopping letters before they hit the ground. The speed at which letters fall is adjustable to allow for improvements in progress.




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